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Company Profile

Golden Eye Jewellery Alanya

Dear Guests;
We have been privileged to service you since the year 2000. It was a long process
before we came to that point, you can compare it to a puzzle. From 1991 we were collecting the puzzle pieces one by one and in 2000 the puzzle was finally complete.

Golden Eye Jewellery is a family company and over the last 15 years so many of you have joined us and helped us build a big family and it will give us great joy and be a privilege for us to have you all in our family forever.
Our mission is to give you elite quality jewellery to good prices and with an extraordinary service.

Our vision is to use the power you have given us through the years, to expand our family even more.

We started our journey in 1991, young and on the bottom of the hierarchy. Through the years we learned more and more and in the end we had become some of the best in our field. This knowledge we used to open our own jewellery shop in 2000 and have since then been sharing this gift with you.

After 12 years, in 2012, we were blessed enough to open our second shop and offer you the same exceptional service there. Now we have arrived at the next milestone. Times are changing and technology has now made the impossible possible.

Now it is possible for us to service you, while you are sitting in the comfort of your own home and this will we of course do for you, therefore have we decided to open this web shop and welcome you here.

We thank you for your support, your understanding and the power you have given us through the years and last but not least, we thank you for making this possible for us.

Best Regards
The Golden Eye Family

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